Smart Film® Black 1 sq. feet

Smart Film® Black 1 sq. feet

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Low Voltage White Smart Cling® Self-Adhesive Genuine Smart Tint® custom cut and pre-wired to your specifications. TEST POWER SUPPLY INCLUDED

Simple 3 Step Order Process:

Step 1: Purchase the total square footage of your entire project or individual piece of the visible glass area you wish to cover with our technology.

Step 2: Once you place your order our engineering department will send you a set of drawings for you to confirm all final measurements and preferred wire locations. At that time you can make any final adjustments and we will answer all installation questions.

Step 3: Depending on your order size normal manufacturing is 48 hours upon receipt of the approved drawings. Your order will then go to quality control and ship out to you with complete tracking information. Expedited services are available upon request.

We ship you a complete ready to install system pre-wired to your specifications.

With purchase of our Genuine Smart Tint® we will provide the following:

Genuine Smart Tint® only available factory direct. We provide a certificate of authenticity and serial numbers with every order to guarantee our industry leading warranty, product performance and engineering time included with every order.

-Shop Drawings

-Wire and Electrical Busbar Manufacturing

-Custom Precise Machine Cut material

-Installation Advice and Engineering time to assist with all aspects of your project-Industry leading 5 year warranty and a certificate of authenticity for our genuine and proprietary Smart Cling Self Adhesive Smart Tint with serial numbers for each piece of material.

Every serial number is recorded and linked to your order. This serial number is required to receive your allotted project engineering time, tech support and industry leading warranty.

A Smart Tint Project Manager will email you and provide engineering time to discuss all installation tolerances and logistics prior to manufacturing. Go to for installation details. Also we offer the correct silicone, trim kits and an array of control power units to optimize your project.

If your project is a door, moving window, sliding door, demountable wall system etc. we can provide the recommended power transfer cables and contact switches to safely control and neatly install your project. If your project is an ODD SHAPE such as a arched window simply provide the size of the rectangle that the shape fits in. We will send you instructions to send us a template to custom manufacture after your order is received (additional fees apply). 

This package Express Ordering Portal DOES NOT Include Installation!

If you would like to hire an installer we can recommend one in your area as well.