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We offer complete ready to install Genuine Smart Tint® Smart Film® Systems from 1 square foot to 100,000 square feet.

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or order online now by choosing the total project square footage of the visible glass area you wish to cover with our technology below!
Any online purchase overages will get credited back upon final order confirmation and any power control options will get addressed with the engineering time we provide with every order!

All online orders are automatically expedited in our system and can ship out within 1 business day of final manufacturing paperwork confirmation. YES we confirm all measurements and wire locations before final manufacturing is completed!

"Simply calculate the total square footage of the visible glass area you wish to cover with our Smart Film® technology and round to the nearest square foot."

With your order via this online portal only, you will receive a Free Power Transformer for your entire project!

With your purchase of our Genuine Smart Film® we will provide the following:

1. A complete set of shop drawings to confirm all final measurements and wiring locations for your project.

2. A dedicated project manager will provide engineering time to discuss all installation tolerances and logistics prior to manufacturing regarding your project.

3. We can also recommend an installer if needed as we offer the largest network of sub-contractors and authorized installers worldwide!

4. We are Manufacturer direct and provide the fastest turn around times in the industry. Depending on your project size we usually manufacture and ship out within 1-3 business days of final measurements and paperwork confirmation. Express options are available!

All online orders are processed the same business day and a project manager will reach out to you to confirm all ordering details after your order has been submitted.

- We will ship you a complete ready to install system.

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