Microsoft, Green Bay Packers, TitleTown Tech and Smart Film®

TitleTown Tech is a one of a kind partnership between the Green Bay Packers and Microsoft Corp. aimed at boosting economic expansion by bringing world-class digital innovations and expertise to Greater Green Bay. Smart Film® was able to work with TitleTown Tech to provide a complete privacy option for their facility.  

From initial concept phase to completion, Smart Film® was able to provide a complete ready to install system, Recommended Installers, Engineering time, extensive customer care and support during each phase of this project from concept design to implementation.

Testing Phase
Smart Film, Inc put together a custom mock up project for demonstration purposes. This demonstration helped receive the approval for the technology and also helped with color choice. Photo/Video of the mock up can be seen here.

Logistics Phase

Smart Film, Inc worked with the Architects, Installers, & Electricians to provide a spreadsheet detailing each zone the Smart Film will operate in. We then put together a grid detailing each panel, zone, and serial number. A sample of the plans can be seen here.

Installation Phase

Smart Film, Inc confirmed final measurements and wire locations with the Installation team and electricians. We shipped out the project in zones for ease of Installation. The power control units were stored all together in one area. Photos of the Installation process can be seen here.

Finished Project
Smart Film, Inc received photo/video of this project in it's on/off state and stand behind this project with an Industry Leading 5 Year Warranty.

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